Projects Underway

I have been struggling finding some projects to make from the limited knowledge that I have.  As of right know I am still struggling with JavaScript.  I understand the booleans and other concepts but I am not understanding as to how I am going to apply those things to my website or projects.  So I went into the beta site of freecodecamp and saw that they have a few projects after the HTML and CSS and I’m diving in and trying to replicate a Survey Form that they have done.

here is what I have done thus far.

survey form

Hi and Welcome!

This is my very first blog about coding. I got interested with coding way back in middle school or high school. Several years has passed since then. The milestones of graduating high school and college has gone by and I find myself not fulfilled as to what I can do and offer. I graduated with a B.S Physical Education with a specialty on Kinesiology. I love learning about muscles and teaching exercises but my mind is not quite challenged. Fast forward to getting married and becoming a mother, I enjoy technology, if its not the latest cell phone product, its the functions of what Microsoft word, excel and publisher can do. Here I am, getting my feet wet into a new beginning and hopefully a new career.