Searching and Hoping

It’s been awhile since I wrote on my blog.  I’ve been busy taking 3 classes to complete my Computer Information System  degree.  I am also making an education blog for a friend through Wix.  Although, it has no coding requirement, it still has its learning curve to get to accomplish its task.  When you do find the time to check it out. its website is called Nurses at work.  Check it out and tell me what you think.

I am also sending out my resume and searching for a job within this new career.  I am hoping to start a new career and grow into that job.

How do you study?

People study in numerous ways.  Some just jot down key notes from the instructor, some have to write word by word.  Some down take notes at all.  They tend to fully all their attention to what the instructor is saying.  I used to listen to the instructor and also record his lectures.  But, then when after a long commute and studying again and listening to the lecture, I end up falling asleep.  hahaha!

Learning JavaScript again and taking notes as I go along. After I finally convince my son to fall asleep I am back on the computer watching and learning and trying to make sense of JavaScript.  I tend to watch the video first then watch it again with my trusty notebook to write down specific things I need to learn.  How do you study?  After taking notes I will try it on the notepad++ to see if I am doing it correctly.


Watching and Coding

This journey of learning has been kicking my butt last year that I’ve decided to sit for at least an hour on a weekend and watch JavaScript Fundamentals.  I’ve understood the basic but watching and actually coding are two different things.

I bought a few notebooks to jot down the steps Kalob Taulien talks about and type the code on my notepad ++.  Trying to replicate if I will get the same results.  So far, I am on the functions and actually understanding what is being said. The alerts are actually showing up when it should.

It’s still a long road ahead of me but here I am chugging along.  If I am on the road, I am learning things from app.


New year new goals

At the end of each year I looked at all the things that I should have done. It seems like the year went by so fast and I haven’t accomplished anything. I really can’t say that I haven’t accomplished anything but there has been a few projects that I have not accomplished. In order to resolve this challenge, the start of this new year I will be doing the 30 days 30 sites challenge I’m hoping to make 30 sites in30 days to do better on my coding, learn some more tips and hopefully get a new job this coming year. The first site I will be doing is revamping my portfolio to start off the year and to be able to just add more projects to that location. I am also learning how to place all my projects on github. Do you have any new year goals and resolutions? How do you organize yourself? I recently purchased a planner and will be writing down my goals each day. Hope all your goals are reachable this year.

My Coding Schedule

Its funny when I was in highschool, there was a set schedule for me to study and when all the assignments are due.  Now that I’m an adult, I sometimes struggle in homelife with when I’m able to do some “coding time” out of my busy mom/work life.  When do you have time to code when you work and are a mom or dad?

Even this week when I am off a whole week, struggles are real.  Everyone is rushing to and fro to get their Christmas shopping and visiting family and friends.  When to code?

well for me, I wake up earlier than my husband and kiddo to steal time to read or just blog about coding.  A few minutes to finish 3 exercises on freecodecamp or codecademy.  If I am at work then I listen and watch videos on my udemy class at lunchtime.  Hoping all this information will stick inside my brain.


Projects Underway

I have been struggling finding some projects to make from the limited knowledge that I have.  As of right know I am still struggling with JavaScript.  I understand the booleans and other concepts but I am not understanding as to how I am going to apply those things to my website or projects.  So I went into the beta site of freecodecamp and saw that they have a few projects after the HTML and CSS and I’m diving in and trying to replicate a Survey Form that they have done.

here is what I have done thus far.

survey form

My Survey Form is now complete.  it took me 5 hours that same day to complete it but I am happy with the result. Please check it out at
survey form

Hi and Welcome!

This is my very first blog about coding. I got interested with coding way back in middle school or high school. Several years has passed since then. The milestones of graduating high school and college has gone by and I find myself not fulfilled as to what I can do and offer. I graduated with a B.S Physical Education with a specialty on Kinesiology. I love learning about muscles and teaching exercises but my mind is not quite challenged. Fast forward to getting married and becoming a mother, I enjoy technology, if its not the latest cell phone product, its the functions of what Microsoft word, excel and publisher can do. Here I am, getting my feet wet into a new beginning and hopefully a new career.