OMG! It works!

Isn’t it funny how one day, whatever you’re working on is not just jiving and you can’t get a button to go where it supposed to go and the next day it magically works but you don’t know how. Well that’s what happened to me today. For the longest time ( i mean months) I cannot get Javascript to understand in my head. I am still learning it but today, I got my button to play a sound and I almost did cartwheels. I was so excited that I didn’t stop until I got all 8 buttons to play a different note. It’s my first Javascript project or pen(whatever you might call it) I am just beyond ecstatic. If you want to see this work or comment on it, here it is https://codepen.io/canlit/full/gOYBOwe. Thank you to stackoverflow for the answers I was looking for. I tend to search on my little problems on that site and ofcourse the ever trustworthy w3schools, https://www.w3schools.com/ . Any other project suggestions comment on this.

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