Telling a Story

For the last few weeks after Christmas, my husband and I have been driving to Tracy, CA looking at the housing market and hoping a house will catch our eye and make it our home.  Every day, our cellphones give us notifications on new houses that are on the market.  As I check out theses houses on the market,  I am disappointed on the pictures or lack thereof.  It seems that some houses, have great pictures to show and are great at marketing theses houses to be sold.  Some are bits of pieces of the different rooms in a house, not even in chronological order as a guest enters a home.  Some houses only have one picture which is the outside of the house.  This brings me to how sellers think they will sell their homes when their story to tell is unorganized.

this is just like how it is when making a website. As much as how beautiful the website looks like, if the content is disorganized, people will most likely not follow your website or blog site.

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