New year new goals

At the end of each year I looked at all the things that I should have done. It seems like the year went by so fast and I haven’t accomplished anything. I really can’t say that I haven’t accomplished anything but there has been a few projects that I have not accomplished. In order to resolve this challenge, the start of this new year I will be doing the 30 days 30 sites challenge I’m hoping to make 30 sites in30 days to do better on my coding, learn some more tips and hopefully get a new job this coming year. The first site I will be doing is revamping my portfolio to start off the year and to be able to just add more projects to that location. I am also learning how to place all my projects on github. Do you have any new year goals and resolutions? How do you organize yourself? I recently purchased a planner and will be writing down my goals each day. Hope all your goals are reachable this year.

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